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Don’t rely on what the “world” dictates you need to become a Disciple of Jesus Christ: Jesus said “Follow Me. And I will make you become fishers of men.”


We are a fully accredited, online Bible Institute offering solid Biblical studies to help you not only have a deeper understanding of God, but help you to identify your vocation . We will assist you in increasing your knowledge of your ministry calling and show you how to apply it to your life to better serve the Kingdom.


We have one goal in mind: To make disciples; fully committed followers of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will accomplish this by teaching the Word of God based on the Word of God.


We have two requirements for prospective disciples: #1 COMMITMENT and #2 you must possess a DESIRE to study the Word of God, to apply it to your life, and learn to use the tools you acquire to disciple others. In other words, you must have a VISION to see the KINGDOM of GOD ADVANCE.


At Bethel Life School of Biblical Studies, the value of education is not defined by how much it costs, but on the quality of the education you receive. We believe you will find our tuition rates among the most affordable being offered today. We offer Certificate and degree programs or you may take classes individually for your Personal Spiritual Enrichment.

Annual Tuition for Certificate or Degree Programs $500

Personal Spiritual Enrichment rates are based on hours as follows:

6 Hours $65 (approx. 6 weeks)   12-13 Hours $125 (approx. 3 months)    24-26 Hours $250 (approx. 6 months)

The Bethel Life School of Biblical Studies (BLSBS) Curriculum is a “Kingdom Principle and Purpose” Approach" with the following distinctive points:

  • The BIBLE is the textbook. The disciple studies and learns the Bible.
  • The disciple learns God's purpose in history, studying the hand of God in the lives of men and nations through the Bible.
  • The disciple develops his reasoning ability, helping him to apply Biblical principles personally.
  • The curriculum helps you shift from rote learning to Biblical reasoning.
  • The disciple learns the relationship between the Sovereignty of God and the personal responsibility of the individual.


We take our commission to make fishers of men very seriously.  We are determined to do this not only through solid Biblical teaching, but through a “hands-on” training approach.  Ministry is defined as the act of serving. As part of our core curriculum, each candidate will be required to serve in some capacity at their local assembly or community service organization.



It is important to recognize that literacy consists of more than just the ability to read. True literacy also includes having a basis in Truth, and the ability to reason from that basis to discover the answers to life's questions and  apply what is read. .Just knowing Bible verses and Bible stories is not sufficient as a basis in Truth, we must have full understanding.


For Bethel Life School of Biblical Studies Curriculum, the BIBLE is the textbook, so the disciple studies the Bible itself along with Biblically sound study material. We believe this makes the classes much more exciting, thought provoking, discussion stimulating, and valuable.

The only external resources needed to enhance the study of the Bible will be the course material provided, along with a Strong’s Concordance and a Vines Expository Bible Dictionary, which are available on-line. Other resources may be needed for those pursuing the call of “pulpit ministry”.


All course material will be available via virtual classroom online. Material will be presented using various media including audio, video, printed documents, Power Point presentations, as well as live on-line lessons and exams. Each candidate will receive a unique code that will allow them access to their current subject material.  Completed lessons will be submitted by email or by “uploading” documents to the instructor. Instructors may be contacted by email. Once a week we will provide online “Face to Face” time with your instructor, which will give the candidate an opportunity for personal assistance. 

In closing, if you desire to have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and want to be prepared to serve in the  vocation in which you have been called, Bethel Life School of Biblical Studies is for your serious consideration.

Your challenge awaits and to God be all the glory!

Bishop Melveeta A. Grooms Harewood, DBS, DD

Chancellor, Bethel Life School of Biblical Studies

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